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Here you can find all information about further additional offers: The E-propaedeutic, the Geoverbund ABC/J, language courses, the Geomatics students’ workshop and the conference sponsorship of the student council.


A format for practicing academic working comprising several teaching modules on e-Campus. The following four lessons can be worked on via a freely accessible eCampus course:

  • Literature research
  • Text work
  • Citation
  • Scientific work


The processing sequence is left to the students themselves. These are learning modules that convey the teaching content in the form of videos, text boxes, downloads, etc. Subsequently, tasks are to be worked on, for which there is immediate computer-based feedback and the sample solution.


For participants of the Bachlor Advanced Seminars it is possible that the Propädeutikum will be integrated into the seminar by the lecturers, therefore we recommend to wait with the exercises.

ABC/J Geoverbund (geoscientific research alliance)

Take modules from the Universities of Cologne and Aachen as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich. Der Geoverbund ABC/J stellt das geowissenschaftliche Netzwerk in der Forschungsregion Aachen-Bonn-Cologne/Jülich dar. Dabei kooperieren die geowissenschaftlichen Institute der RWTH Aachen, der Universitäten Bonn und zu Köln sowie des Forschungszentrums Jülich. So kann die Expertise in der geowissenschaftlichen Forschung und Lehre gebündelt und vernetzt werden.

Geoverbund ABC/J Vorstellungsvideo

Study across locations without second fees

The abolition of the secondary tuition fees enables the use of the geoscientific courses offered by the partner universities and thus promotes individual profiling and mobility (for further information see poster; in German only)

Studying in the Geoverbund in general

Within the framework of the Geoverbund ABC/J, 11 Bachelor's and 14 Master's degree programs are offered at RWTH Aachen University and the Universities of Bonn and Cologne.

Excursions in the Geoverbund

The Geoverbund ABC/J offers an interdisciplinary excursion for geoscientists and geographers in the bachelor and master phase as well as for PhD students. Each excursion place is supported by the Geoverbund ABC/J with 500 Euro. The excursion can be credited:

  • in the B.Sc. Geography or teaching degree in Geography
  • in module B10: Learning on site II as a 7-day excursion or in the free elective course
  • in the M.Sc. Geography in the module M5: Lernen vor Ort - Exkursion..

Please give prior notice to the Examination Office Geography by mail ( if you want to participate in the ABC/J excursion and have it credited. Furthermore, the excursion can only be credited once, i.e. either in the Bachelor's or in the Master's program.

Information on crediting external services can be found on the Examination Office page.

Language courses

You will be able to take language courses at the Language Learning Center under the following conditions:

  • Geography B.Sc.: you can be allocated to a maximum of two language courses during your degree program, regardless of whether you complete these courses successfully.
  • Geography M.Sc. and joint master’s: you can be allocated to a maximum of one language course during your degree program, regardless of whether you complete this course successfully.

Teach-yourself courses (Accompanied Autonomous Foreign Language Learning) also count toward this limit.

Note: Note that only one “A” course can be taken during the 1st registration phase. This applies to all students at the University of Bonn (not just for Geography).

French language courses can also be taken at the Institut francais; please contact Ms. Ketterer (


Recording language courses on certificates

Language courses cannot be counted as elective modules on the Geography B.Sc. bachelor’s degree program. However, they can be shown as additional achievements on your certificate if they are taken at the University of Bonn.

On the Geography M.Sc. master’s degree program, a language course can be shown as an additional achievement on your certificate if it was taken at the University of Bonn.

Rosetta Stone interactive language learning software

The USL, with the support of the Rectorate, has purchased a license to use the interactive language learning software Rosetta Stone. This software gives you an effective way to learn a wide range of foreign languages by yourself. You are taught speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in your chosen foreign language with the help of pronunciation exercises, audio clips, pictures and texts, among other things.

Geomatics students’ workshop

All geography students (including NaLa and joint master students) can get help and support with GIS and Remote Sensing:

  • For all issues related to GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Help with QGIS, envi, SNAP
  • For individual problems (e.g. for project reports or bachelor’s or master’s thesis)

Contact details: Michael Benning:

© Franziska Leimkühler

Contact options and appointments

If you have any questions or problems contact:

Please include screenshots and a description of your problem in the e-mail. If your question is more complex, we can make an appointment and meet in person at the C-Pool or via Zoom.

Conference sponsorship of the student council

It is possible to have the participation in conferences subsidized by the student council. However, different criteria have to be considered. All information can be found on the website of the student council.

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