Research Groups

Research and teaching in the Department of Geography is divided into nine academic areas comprising a total of thirteen working groups.  The department’s offering is supplemented by partnerships in the fields of medical geography, aquatic ecology and nature conservation.

Laser measuring device in front of a blue sky and a grassy landscape

Remote Sensing and GIS

Canyon in the USA which is interspersed with individual trees


Several wind turbines photographed from the side. In the background the blue sky, hills and sections of forest

Economic and Social Geography

Children of color photographed from behind on a dirt road in an African country, some of them are carrying water canisters on their heads

Development Geography

Lake in Norway in front of a forest landscape, with snow covered mountains and a blue sky in the background

Climatology and Landscape Ecology

Skyscrapers in New York City in front of a blue sky, photographed from bottom to top

Urban and Regional Geography

Aerial view of a delta surrounded by green forests

Hydrology and Water Resource Management

Cultural Geography

Person pointing at a globe with a pencil

Geography Education

External expertise

The work of the research associates at the Department of Geography is complemented externally by the following people:

Hon. Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Erdmann

Field of expertise: nature conservation policy, regional identity, sustainability, crises and conflicts

Contact Hon. Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Erdmann

Hon. Prof. Dr. Thomas Zumbroich

Field of expertise: landscape and water planning

Contact Hon. Prof. Dr. Thomas Zumbroich

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kistemann 

Field of expertise: medical geography and public health 

Cooperation Faculty of Medicine, Medical Geography & Public Health

Contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Kistemann

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