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In our research group „Cultural Geography“ we are interested in exploring connections between space and place, politics, culture and society. We focus on two main themes: 1) „Entangled geographies of (in)security“ and 2) „Diversity, migration and belonging in Europe“.

Central to the first theme are the multiple dimensions of human security, how they intersect, how they play out across connected contexts and scales and how they are negotiated by diverse social actors. We examine particularly the multiscalar intersections of geopolitical (in)security with the social and personal (in)securities experienced and (co)produced by diverse social actors across different spheres of everyday life. The second theme concerns questions of identity, belonging and participation in migration societies. Our research here is centrally concerned with the contributions that cultural geography can make to understanding social inclusion and exclusion in Europe.

Gruppenbild der Arbeitsgruppe Kulturgeographie.
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Kreative Lehre
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Bonn for Future Forschung - flatternde Feedback Blätter bei einem Forschungsworkshop
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Lecture Series

As part of the Research Group, we have conceived an international Lecture Series, which we hope will deepen our exchange on these topics and expand our conceptual repertoire. We would like to give our Lecture Series a format that - beyond an exciting series of lectures - creates a forum for students, academics and teachers to engage in exchange and networking. We see it as a dialogical format that connects the Institute of Geography at the University of Bonn not only with other disciplines, but also with local partners in practice.

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Migrants' experiences of waiting and immobility during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our colleague Elisabeth Kirndörfer, together with colleagues from other universities across Europe, has recently published a new pape.

New publication: urban transformation and women's empowerment

Our colleagues Prof. Dr. Kathrin Hörschelmann and Mauricio Estrada, together with colleagues from the World Resources Institute, have recently published a paper analysing the importance and necessity of women's empowerment for urban transformation, using the example of the SWaCH initiative in Pune, India.

Bonn4Future Climate Forum 4

On 9 & 10 September, the fourth and last climate forum of the participatory process "Bonn4Future - Wir fürs Klima" (Bonn4Future - We for the Climate), which was initiated by the Bonn im Wandel association, will take place at the Institute of Geography.

RGS-IBG Conference 2022

The HERA project, represented by Dr. Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University) and Dr. Robin Finlay (Newcastle University) will organize a session at this year's RGS conference on Refugee youth, Resilience and Recovery.

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