Workshop "Critical Approaches to Militarisation and Space" held successfully

The workshop "Critical Approaches to Militarisation and Space" was held successfully. The workshop took place from 20-21 March in Leipzig and offered an international field of participants the opportunity for scientific exchange and networking.

New Publication: „No farmers, no food!“ Agriculture in India between agrarian crisis and economic liberalisation

Together with Dr. Anika Trebbin from the Thünen Institute our colleague Dr. Juliane Dame has published an article in Geographische Rundschau. The article looks at the farmer protests in India in 2020/21 and the challenges that Indian farmers are still facing.

New Publication: Challenges for Local Water Governance in Central-Southern Chile

Together with Heidelberg geographer Dr. Johanna Höhl, our colleague Dr. Juliane Dame has published an article on the governance of water use conflicts in three different regions in southern Chile.

New Publication: Environmental Change and Development in Ladakh, Indian Trans-Himalaya

Our colleague Dr. Juliane Dame has co-edited an anthology dealing with environmental change and sustainable development in Ladakh, India.

New Publication: Challenging the boundaries of exclusive Europeanisation

Dr. Elisabeth Kirndörfer has published an article, which combines postcolonial and feminist geography approaches to make sense of refugees’ everyday lives in Europe

New Research Project: Evaluation of the Participation Process „Bönnsche Viertel“

In March 2023 the evaluation project of the participation process "Bönnsche Viertel" has started.

Completion of the participation project "Bonn4Future - Wir fürs Klima" ("We for climate")

The participation process has been scientifically evaluated since 2021. The final report is available now.

New book “Refugee Youth” is out now! - co-edited by Prof. Dr. Kathrin Hörschelmann and Dr. Elisabeth Kirndörfer

The book “Refugee Youth - Migration, Justice and Urban Space” is out now and available to order. The book was co-edited by Prof. Dr. Kathrin Hörschelmann and Dr. Elisabeth Kirndörfer.

Migrants' experiences of waiting and immobility during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our colleague Elisabeth Kirndörfer, together with colleagues from other universities across Europe, has recently published a new pape.

New publication: urban transformation and women's empowerment

Our colleagues Prof. Dr. Kathrin Hörschelmann and Mauricio Estrada, together with colleagues from the World Resources Institute, have recently published a paper analysing the importance and necessity of women's empowerment for urban transformation, using the example of the SWaCH initiative in Pune, India.

Dr. Juliane Dame wins the Dr. Hohmann Förderpreis for Young Researchers

Dr. Juliane Dame was awarded for her project proposal "From the Himalayas to the Andes: Ice Stupas as a Climate Adaptation Measure in Arid Mountain Regions".

Bonn4Future Climate Forum 4

On 9 & 10 September, the fourth and last climate forum of the participatory process "Bonn4Future - Wir fürs Klima" (Bonn4Future - We for the Climate), which was initiated by the Bonn im Wandel association, will take place at the Institute of Geography.

RGS-IBG Conference 2022

The HERA project, represented by Dr. Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University) and Dr. Robin Finlay (Newcastle University) will organize a session at this year's RGS conference on Refugee youth, Resilience and Recovery.


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