14. June 2023

New publication: "What about Europe? European identity and spatial imaginaries of Europe among Polish migrants during post-Brexit negotiations in Scotland" New publication: "European identity & spatial imaginaries of Europe among Polish migrants in Scotland"

Frontpage_ bogacki-et-al-2023-what-about-europe-european-identity-and-spatial-imaginaries-of-europe-among-polish-migrants-during
Frontpage_ bogacki-et-al-2023-what-about-europe-european-identity-and-spatial-imaginaries-of-europe-among-polish-migrants-during © Mariusz Bogacki; Kathrin Hörschelmann
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Professor Hörschelmann, together with colleagues from Florenz, Glasgow and Liverpool, has published a paper analysing the consequences of Brexit-Negotiations for spatial imaginations that Polish migrants in Scotland have of Europe and the European Union.

The Paper can be found here.

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