Recognition for external achievements

Here you´ll find all the information about the recognition of external achievement as well as the contact person.

If you have already completed another degree program or studied at a different university, you can gain recognition for modules that you have passed. You can also have modules from the partner universities in the ABC/J alliance or other departments of the University of Bonn recognized too:

  • As an elective module (for non-geography-related modules
  • As a subject-related module (if it corresponds to a geography module)


Documents required

  • Copy of your ToR (only for achievements from other universities)
  • Description of the module in question
    1. What (name of course and short description of its content, e.g. a module description)
    2. Where (institution)
    3. When (semester)
    4. Who (name of lecturer)
    5. Number of course units per week and credit points
    6. Examination type
    7. Graded/ungraded
  • Short cover letter without any formal requirements (remember your student ID number)

Please note

Please send all documents as hard copies to Dr. Simone Giertz or post them in the Examination Office of Geography mailbox (outside Room 103).

Dr. Giertz will review the modules and reply to you by email with a list of which ones can be recognized. You will need to confirm this list before the Examination Office can officially recognize the modules. The review process takes two weeks. If you still have queries after being notified of your eligible modules, you are welcome to submit them by email or over the phone.

You will receive an email from the Examination Office once your modules have been recognized.

Please note that recognition is final and cannot be undone.


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Recognition for external achievements

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