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Here you can find everything you need to know about registering for examinations, courses and more!

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Registering for courses

All courses set deadlines by which you will need to register in BASIS. The admission process then takes place. You can find the registration deadline either on the schedule that we have put together for you or in BASIS (go to “Vorlesungsverzeichnis” (“Course catalog”) and then click through until you reach the relevant course).

1st registration phase

Following the 1st registration phase, places are assigned by University IT. If you have not been given a place on your desired module, you will see which courses still have free spaces in BASIS. Please do not email any lecturers. They will not know after the 1st registration phase where the free spaces are as the 2nd registration phase clearly needs to happen first.

2nd registration phase

The 2nd registration phase gives you a chance to apply for free spaces or cancel your registration for courses if you were given a place during the 1st registration phase that you actually do not want. Here too, University IT does the allocating. You can now register for a second seminar in modules M2, B5 and B8.

Adjustment phase

If you have received a place on the respective course after the end of the 2nd registration phase as a result of a face-to-face/email conversation with the lecturer, swapped a place on a course with a fellow student—likewise after consulting the relevant lecturer—or no longer wish to attend this course, you can submit or cancel the corresponding registration in BASIS during the adjustment phase.

If you register “improperly” during this phase, you will be deregistered again by the degree program management. Retrospective registration is only possible once in a semester. It must be done centrally via BASIS by a set deadline before any grades are entered.

What to do:

  • Get in touch with your lecturer to find out whether you can be given a place retrospectively or, as the case may be, tell them that you do not want to attend their seminar or that you would like to swap with someone else.
  •  Log into BASIS during the adjustment phase and select “Veranstaltungen an-/abmelden” (“Register for/deregister from courses”)
    Find the courses from the corresponding module
    • To register retrospectively: Click on “anmelden mit Priorität 1” (“register with priority 1”)
    • To cancel an existing registration: Click on “abmelden” (“deregister”)
  • Deregistrations are effective immediately, while admission will not be granted until after the end of the adjustment phase.


All registered participants will be admitted to lectures. In this case, you will not need to consult with your lecturers in order to register during the adjustment phase.

First-semester registrations

The registration deadlines for the modules in the first program-related semester are later for organizational reasons, and there is only one registration phase.

Important information on registering for courses and examinations

Registering for and being admitted to a course never means that you will automatically be registered for and admitted to any examinations on this course. There are separate deadlines and a separate registration period for examinations. This is explained in more detail below.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.

Examination registration and deadlines

The registration procedure for examinations applies to the following degree programs: bachelor’s in Geography, bachelor’s in Geography as a minor, bachelor’s teaching degree and master’s degree program in Geography.

Please note that anyone who has not registered for an examination will not be included in the examination procedure and will not be entitled to have their performance in the examination assessed. Any work done will thus not be recognized as performance in an examination. The exam registration deadlines are cut-off deadlines.

Registering for a course never automatically implies registration for an examination! If you have any problem with the registration, please contact the examination office before the deadline has ended!

Do you need a reminder?

We have set up a newsletter to remind students of upcoming examination dates. Simply click on the button and send off a blank email.

Please be aware that there are different registration deadlines depending on the courses and the type of examination.

Exam Dates &  Registration/Deregistration Dates

Rule of thumb on exam sign-in/sign-out deadlines:

  • Exam registration is possible for all exams from the 1st day of the lecture period.
  • The exam registration/deregistration period ends after three weeks for almost all courses.
  • Exception: Written and oral exams
    Here the registration and deregistration period ends one week before the examination.
  • Exception: Block seminars
    Here the registration and deregistration period always ends on the 2nd day of the block.
  • Exception: Bachelor and Master Theses
    Bachelor's and Master's theses can be registered individually at any time with a form in the examination office.
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Information on registering for examinations

For your own reassurance, please always download the PDF file called “Info über angemeldete Prüfungen” (“Details of examinations registered for”) from BASIS once you have successfully registered for an examination.

Tips on registering for examinations

  1. Step by step to registering for examinations on BASIS (9.75 MB).
  2. If you cannot register for an examination, this might be because you are not yet registered with the Examination Office (click here to register).
  3. You can still register for an examination even if you have not yet been allocated a place in BASIS (adjustment phase).
  4. If you encounter any problems registering for an examination, contact the Examination Office (by email) before the deadline.
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