Remote Sensing Research Group

Head of Research Group:

Avatar Malenovsky

Prof. Dr. Zbynek Malenovsky

1.029 (332)

+49 228 73-9700

Prof. Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský

Optical remote sensing and plant eco-physiology scientist experienced in quantitative space-borne and airborne/drone imaging spectroscopy of vegetation (particularly: stress detection, chlorophyll fluorescence sensing, 3D radiative transfer modelling), and non-invasive research techniques for monitoring terrestrial natural and man-managed ecosystems under climate change.

General Contact:

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Avatar Spitzer

Vanessa Spitzer

1.027 (333)

+49 228 73 -9701(GIUB) / -4978(ZFL)

Office hours:

  • Monday - Wednesday, Friday: GIUB
    09:00 am - 03:00 pm
  • Thursday: ZFL
    09:00 am - 03:00 pm

Scientific staff:

Avatar Schultz

Dr. Johannes Schultz


+49 228 73-4862

Dr. Johannes Schultz


Research associate specialised in climatology using optical remote sensign techniques. He leads the ESERO activities at the University of Bonn.

Avatar Muro

Dr. Javier Muro

1.026 (230b)

+49 228 73-9705

Dr. Javier Muro


Research Associate focusing on fusion of optical and radar remote sensing approaches for vegetation biodiversity assessment, especially in terrestrial grass ecosystems.

Research assistants:

Avatar Bott

Julian Bott

-49 228 73-9703

Avatar Hoodt

Benedikt Hoodt

0228 73 4970

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