Remote Sensing Research Group

Head of Research Group

Avatar Malenovsky

Zbynek Malenovsky

1.029 (332)

+49 228 73-9700

Prof. Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský

Optical remote sensing and plant eco-physiology scientist, born 06/02/1975 in the Czech Republic, experienced in quantitative airborne, space-borne and unmanned aircraft imaging spectroscopy of vegetation, particularly: plant stress detection, chlorophyll fluorescence sensing, 3D radiative transfer modelling and other non-invasive research techniques for monitoring terrestrial eco-physiology of natural and man-managed ecosystems under climate change.


Avatar Spitzer

Vanessa Spitzer

1.027 (333)

+49 228 73 -9701(GIUB) / -4978(ZFL)

Office hours:

  • Monday - Wednesday, Friday: GIUB
    09:00 am - 03:00 pm
  • Thursday: ZFL
    09:00 am - 03:00 pm

Scientific staff

Avatar Schultz

Johannes Schultz


+49 228 73-4862

Avatar Muro

Javier Muro

1.026 (230a)

+49 228 73-9705

Research assistants

Avatar Brück

Paul Brück

+49 228 73-9701

Avatar Bott

Julian Bott

-49 228 73-9703

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