Remote Sensing Research Group

Head of Research Group:

Avatar Malenovsky

Prof. Dr. Zbynek Malenovsky

1.029 (332)

Optical remote sensing and plant eco-physiology scientist experienced in quantitative space-borne and airborne/drone imaging spectroscopy of vegetation (particularly: stress detection, chlorophyll fluorescence sensing, 3D radiative transfer modelling), and non-invasive research techniques for monitoring terrestrial natural and man-managed ecosystems under climate change.

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Technical administration:

Avatar Spitzer

Vanessa Spitzer

1.027 (3.33)

Avatar Niwagaba

Adas Niwagaba

1.027 (333)

Scientific staff:

Avatar Regaieg

Dr. Omar Regaieg


A post-doctoral researcher at RSRG working in the field of radiative transfer modelling. Prior to his position at RSRG he did his Ph.D. at CESBIO, Toulouse III University, developing new functionalities for the DART 3D radiative transfer model.

Ph.D. Students

Avatar Nguyen

Thang Quang Nguyen

1.026 (230b)

Ph.D. student at RSRG conducting research on photosynthesis and canopy radiative transfer modeling. His work entails the development of a comprehensive energy balance model with program in python to integrate with the DART radiative transfer model, providing valuable support for remote sensing applications.

Further Information

Avatar Casuccio

Lucas Casuccio


Ph.D student from PhenoRob and RSRG conducting research on the combination of radiative transfer models and machine learning for studying, designing, and testing an operationally efficient system for phenotyping retrievals of vegetation biochemical traits from optical remote sensing data.

Research assistants:

Avatar Hoodt

Benedikt Hoodt

Avatar Mailänder

Pia Mailänder

Avatar Thannen

Lukas Thannen

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