Douwe van Schie



Loss and damage related to climate change is my main focus of research. I am particularly interested in how we can address local-level loss and damage whilst simultaneously ensuring social justice. In answering this question, I work with intersectionality theory and focus on Suriname. In the past, my research focused on so-called ‘non-economic’ loss and damage, local values, and the framing of the often intangible and subjective impacts of climate change with Bangladesh as a case study.

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Douwe van Schie

RG Schipper


Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176

53115 Bonn

Research Areas

  • (Non-Economic) Loss and Damage
  • Social inequality
  • Intersectionality
  • Values
  • Suriname
  • Bangladesh
  • Participatory research

Curriculum Vitae

  • September 2023 – now: Senior Research Assistant | United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)
  • March 2022 – August 2023: Visiting Researcher | International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)
  • March 2022 – August 2023: Independent Researcher | International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  • August 2020 – July 2022: Graduate Student | Msc. Environment and Resource management | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


  • Centring local values in loss and damage assessments. Royal Geography Society, London, August 2023


  • van Schie, D., Mirza, A.B.M., Ranon, R.J.K., Malek, M.M., Hossain, M.F., Naushin, N., Anderson, S. (2023): Centring local values in assessing and addressing climate-related losses and damages.
  • Jackson, G., van Schie, D., McNamara, K.E., Carthy, A. (2022): Passed The Point of No Return: a Non-Economic Loss and Damage explainer. Loss and Damage Collaboration.
  • van Schie, D., Ranon, R.J.K., Mirza, A.B.M., Anderson, S. (2022): Local responses to climate-related non-economic losses and damages: a case study in Burigoalini and Gabura Union, Southwest Bangladesh.International Insitute for Environment and Development.


  • B8: Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Social Research
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