Research group Prof. Dr. Nöthen - Geography Education

Global processes of change that affect our social interaction, politics, economy and technology as well as the natural foundations in space and time present us with a major challenge: the socio-ecological transformation. In this context, the mostly complex problem situations can only be grasped by bringing together different (disciplinary) approaches. Geographical education creates the basis for taking a multi-perspective view of phenomena and their interrelationships at the interface between society and the environment, for recognizing problems, and for thinking about and initiating necessary changes. Against this background, the aim of the working group is to give visibility to the approach of Transformative Geographical Education (TGE) - based on the guiding principle of sustainability. Research and teaching are therefore oriented towards current questions of the subject of geography and their successful communication.


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Prof. Dr. Eva Nöthen

Head of the research group

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Meckenheimer Allee 166

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Kirsten Oltmanns


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Julia Klumparendt

Research assistant

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Tobit Nauheim

Research assistant

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