Research group Prof. Müller-Mahn - Development Geography

Development Geography is concerned with the spatial dimensions and multi-scalar processes of social, economic and cultural development. It investigates the causes and consequences of unequal human development on different scales, as well as the critique of ‘development’ as social construct. Considering the rapid transformations and increasing interconnectedness in a globalised world, our group conducts research in the global North and South. Our research is grouped around three thematic areas:

  • Political ecology and critical human-environment interactions
  • The spatial implications of processes of globalisation
  • Issues of risk, uncertainty, and vulnerability in social-ecological systems.

Our current regional focus is on Sub-Sahara Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Namibia, Ivory Coast) and South Asia (India). With our teaching and research, we aim to contribute to current socio-political debates and the deepening of theoretical knowledge on development issues, as well as to building practical skills and knowledge for development.

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