Research group Prof. Schrott - Geomorphology and Environmental Systems

The Geomorphology and Environmental Systems Research Group focuses on mountain permafrost, sediment budgets, natural hazards and risks, late and post-glacial landscape evolution, and Global Environmental change.

Groupphoto of the Research group
© Friederike Pauk/GIUB


Prof. Schrott talking to students about glaciers.
© Nico Wagner


DGPS equipment in the field
© Till Wenzel/GIUB


The postgraduate degree program "KaVoMa" at the University of Bonn is now connecting at European level!

A consortium of 7 European universities and higher education institutes received funding to promote a European network of postgraduate programs in the field of disaster risk prevention and crisis management. 

Student intern at the Institute of Geography

A glimpse into the everyday life of a geographer? That's exactly what Frieda Kühn was able to do during her student internship in the "Geomorphology and Environmental Systems" working group of Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott at the Institute of Geography. The internship was accompanied by Dr. Rainer Bell, postdoc in the working group. Frieda Kühn is in the 11th grade at the Gymnasium Nord in Frankfurt am Main.

Staff Mobility in Scotland

Take the oldest golf course in the world, a beautiful, long sandy beach, various pubs, tearooms and restaurants and combine them with an internationally successful university steeped in tradition - if you shake it up well, the result is a unique combination, a very special mixture that awaited Verena Verron on a language course with Staff Mobility in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Prof. Schrott at the GRC Conference in the US

Prof. Julian Klaus and Prof. Lothar Schrott attended this year's Gordon Research Conference on "The Catchment Science: Interactions of Hydrology, Biology and Geochemistry“. Julian Klaus acted as chair and Lothar Schrott presented a scientific poster with current results from the DFG HyPerm project focusing on the hydrological significance of high-Andean periglacial environments. The conference with about 140 participants from PhD students to senior professors took place from June 18th to 22nd in New Hampshire and was filled with exciting lectures, lively discussions, workshops and a lot of fun. 

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