Research group Prof. Schrott - Geomorphology and Environmental Systems

The Geomorphology and Environmental Systems Research Group focuses on mountain permafrost, sediment budgets, natural hazards and risks, late and post-glacial landscape evolution, and Global Environmental change.

Groupphoto of the Research group
© Friederike Pauk/GIUB


Prof. Schrott talking to students about glaciers.
© Nico Wagner


DGPS equipment in the field
© Till Wenzel/GIUB


Prof. Schrott on Early Warning Systems at Deutschlandfunk Kultur (German only)

Good Early Warning Systems require more than measurements and warnings - Prof. Lothar Schrott at Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 23.05.2023.

New chapter by Prof. Schrott in german geography textbook

Prof. Schrott wrote together with Jan-Erik Steinkrüger a chapter on natural hazards and risks in the german textbook "Angewandte Geographie - Arbeitsfelder, Tätigkeiten und Methoden in der geographischen Berufspraxis". The textbook was published by utb. (textbooks for studying and teaching) in 2023, with Maike Dziomba, Christian Krajewski and Claus-Christian Wiegandt as editors.

The chapter from Prof. Schrott and Jan-Erik Steinkrüger can be found from page 285 to 298. It is only available in german.

Flood prediction with seismic sensors?

A group of researchers including Rainer Bell (GIUB) and Michael Dietze (University of Göttingen) is investigating whether seismic sensors can help to detect floods like the Ahr flood almost two years ago and warn the public in time.

Prof. Schrott in episode 67 of "Erststimme - der Podcast für alles außer Corona" by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Natural hazards such as earthquakes, epidemics, floods, or man-made disasters such as fires, major traffic accidents or terrorist attacks pose sudden and huge challenges to a society. The key to managing these crises is preparedness for the event of a disaster and then management during the disaster. What distinguishes the concepts of risk, hazard and crisis?

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