Course evaluation

Here you´ll find all the information about the course evaluation at the Department of Geography as well as the members of the Evaluation Comitee.

Evaluation is a key tool in guaranteeing good teaching in the Department of Geography. Insights gained in the evaluation process feed into further developing teaching in two respects: They help to appraise individual courses but also to improve modules on an organizational level and further align degree programs in terms of their content.

Representatives from the teaching staff, departmental student body, degree program management and liaison lecturers sit on the Evaluations Committee. It meets every semester to discuss the results from the previous semester and identify potential areas for improvement but also to nominate possible candidates for teaching prizes. In the event of disagreements, the Evaluations Committee will seek solutions together with teachers and students.

If their concern involves conflicts relating to their courses, students can contact the liaison lecturers, Dr. Julia Poerting and Prof. Dr. Klaus Greve, and the departmental student body. The student representative on the Evaluations Committee, Yvonne Hilger, can answer any technical questions about the evaluation procedure:

Members of the Evaluation Committee

Chair: Prof. Dr. Nadine Marquardt

Executive chair:

  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott

Representitive Profesors:

  • Prof. Dr. Nadine Marquardt
  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott

Executive Profesors:

  • Prof. Dr. Eva Nöthen
  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Schipper

Research staff:

  • Dr. Thomas Roggenkamp

Executive research staff:

  • Katharina Höreth

Student Representatives:

  • Annalia Gminder
    Edwin Trahmann

Executive students:

  • Jordi Klever
  • Oskar Kimmerle

Study Program Management:

  • Andrea Frei
  • Yvonne Hilger


  • Dr. Juliane Dame (Liaison lecturer)
  • Dr. Simone Sandholz (M.Sc. Georisk)

Working group on teaching practices ("Gute Lehre")

Representatives of different status groups (professors, WiMis, administration, students) meet regularly in the working group on tecahing methods to discuss a wide range of topics aimed at improving teaching. Over the course of several meetings, four documents have already been drawn up on the topics of feedback culture, the first seminar session and Basis.

The meetings take place at regular intervals by arrangement. Interested participants are welcome to contact the student council.


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