Examination boards

Here you´ll find all the information about the examination boards: How to make a request, dates of the meetings and the current members. 

What is an examination board?

An examination board regulates all issues concering the degree programs, especially the organisation of examination and other responsibilities fixed in the examination regulations. There the composition of the examination board is also defined.

Requests for the examination board

According to information from the Legal department (having been asked by the departmental student body), “hardship applications” cannot be made if an examination registration deadline is missed as these are to be understood as final cut-off periods (§ 13 of the examination regulations).

Other requests (e.g. a request for compensation for disadvantages) for the attention of the examination board must be submitted to the Examination Office in hardcopy form (i.e. not by email).

The teaching schedule for the next semester is always agreed in the first meeting of the current semester. Requests for self-organized seminars therefore need to have been received a week before the first meeting is due to be held.

Meetings Summer Semester 2024

  • 08. May 2024
  • 10. July 2024 (if necessary)

Please address your requests to:

Prüfungsamt Geographie Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn

Examination Board M.Sc. Georisk

since 01.10.2023


  • Prof. Dr. J. Budds

Deputy chairperson:

  • Prof. Dr. L. Schipper

University professors:

  • Prof. Dr. J. Budds
  • Prof. Dr. M. Evers
  • Prof. Dr. L. Schipper


  • Prof. Dr. K. Hörschelmann
  • Prof. Dr. L. Schrott
  • Prof. Dr. J. Klaus

Research associate:

  • Dr. R. Bell


  • Apl. Prof. Dr. C. Butsch

Student representative:

  • F. Flöck


  • M. Schlebusch
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