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The main focus of teaching in Hydrology RG is physical geography, especially hydrology. The teaching aims to prepare students for their professional life both in terms of content and with a contribution in quantitative methodological training. A special focus is on basic principles and current research topics.
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Overview of courses

Julian Klaus


B 11 - Einführung in die Umweltdatenanalyse (german)


M1 - Wissenschaftstheorie (german)

M1 - Einführung in der Studienrichtung - physische Geographie (german)

M6 - Climate and Hydrological Extremes: Floods, Droughts, Storms and Heat (on basis)

Julian Klaus


B 11- Hydrological processes in urban landscapes

B10 - Toskana

B10 - Rheinknie - Tri-border area Germany, France, Switzerland I

B10 - Rheinknie - Tri-border area Germany, France, Switzerland II


M2 - Environmental Isotopes in Physical Geography

Julian Klaus


B 11- Introduction to environmental data analysis (german)

B10 - Luxembourg I

B10- Luxembourg II


M1 - Theory of Science (german)

M1 - Introduction to the field of study - physical geography (german)

Bachelor- and Master Theses

Both bachelor and master theses can be supervised by Julian Klaus. The focus for the topics should be in hydrology.

A list of possible thesis topics is available upon request.


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