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You can find an overview over the current research projects and papers of the hydrology research group on this page.

Currently, the world is experiencing radical changes in the global water cycle and a global water crisis in terms of water availability and quality. Climate change, loss of biodiversity and access to clean water are major challenges that need to be urgently addressed to mitigate their impacts on society and the environment. To achieve this, in-depth hydrological knowledge and new approaches to science-based water resource management are needed to meet the global Sustainable Development Goals.

In the hydrology research group we combine field measurement methods, laboratory analysis and experiments, and numerical and statistical modeling and work mainly on the following focal points:

Water balance and solute transport: This includes experimental investigation of hydrological processes in the field and laboratory and modeling of solute transport.

Improvement of hydrological models: Here, the Hydrology RG works to improve hydrologic models to enable robust predictions of global change and use these models as tools to test hypotheses in basic research.

Ecohydrological Processes: Here, the interaction between the hydrologic cycle and ecosystem is studied to better understand and predict biogeochemical cycling, contaminant transport and degradation, soil-plant continuum behavior, and landscape resilience.

Application and development of innovative measurement methods and data evaluation: Here, the RG is concerned with new methods for the application and evaluation of isotope (data) in hydrology, the use of tracer methods and statistical and stochastic methods.

These focal points offer far-reaching opportunities for cooperation at the University of Bonn and beyond. They also have versatile interfaces to transdisciplinary research areas.

Newest Publications

Sapwood and heartwood are not isolated compartments: consequences for isotope ecohydrology

Fabiani, G., Barbeta, A., Penna, D., Klaus, J. (2022

Ecohydrology, e2478.

Ecohydrological Interactions during Drought

Klaus, J., Monk, W., Zhang, L., Hannah, D.M. (2022)

Ecohydrology, 15(5), e2456.

 Impact of the North-Sea Caspian pattern on Meteorological drought and Vegetation Response over diverging environmental systems in western Eurasia

He, Q., Xu, B., Yetemen, Ö., Lütfi Şen, Ö., Klaus, J., Schoppach, R., Çağlar, F., Yu Fan, P., Dieppois, B., Chen, L., Danaila, L., Massei, N., Chun, K.P. (2022)

Ecohydrology, 15(5), e2446.

Different water use strategies of beech and oak trees along a hillslope transect

Fabiani, G., Schoppach, R., Penna, D., Klaus J. (2022)

Ecohydrology 15, e2382. 

Looking to the skies: realising the potential of drones and thermal infrared imagery to advance hydrological process understanding in headwaters.

Dugdale, S., Klaus, J., Hannah, D.M. (2022)

Water Resources Research, 58,  e2021WR031168


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