Internship and short stays abroad

Students can integrate internships and short stays abroad flexibly into their studies, often fitting them in during semester breaks.

Internships abroad

Doing an internship abroad allows students to apply their specialist knowledge in a real-life situation, gain initial work experience and hone their language and cultural skills.

Compulsory internships forming part of the bachelor’s and master’s programs in Geography can also be completed abroad. However, voluntary internships can be just as enriching on a personal and professional level.

Students will need to organize their own internships abroad as a basic principle.

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Funding opportunities and finding an internship

  • General information about doing an internship abroad·        
  • “Study and Internships Abroad” information brochure·        
  • “Internships Abroad” information video
  • Information on the compulsory internship that forms part of Geography degree programs can be found on the Department of Geography’s internship portal (only in german).
  • Funding from the ERASMUS-Program for internships in other European countries
  • Funding from the University of Bonn’s PROMOS-Program der Universität Bonn
  • Funding for international research-based internships from the DAAD’s RISE Worldwide-Program (only for bachelor’s students)
  • Funding from internships at international organizations from the Carlo-Schmid-Program

ERASMUS internships

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Internships in other European countries (ERASMUS-Program countries) can be funded as part of the Erasmus Program.

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Key information

  • Funding available: mobility grant per month depending on country group
  • Funding period:
    • Up to 5 months (i.e. 150 days) for internships lasting up to seven months;
    • Up to 7 months (i.e. 210 days) for internships lasting between eight and twelve months
  • Online language course
Funding criteria:
  • The student finds their own internship placement in their destination country somewhere in Europe.
  • The content of the internship must be relevant to the student’s degree program.
  • The internship must last between two months (i.e. 60 days) and twelve months.
  • Funding is available for full-time internships at companies, vocational training institutions, research centers and other organizations in other European countries. Part-time internships can only be funded in conjunction with an ERASMUS study placement.
  • EU institutions, institutions that manage EU programs and embassies (of the participants’ home countries) are not eligible.
  • Funding for an Erasmus internship can be granted in addition to funding for an Erasmus study placement in the same study cycle. Funding is also available in the first year after a student completes their bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

Applications are made via the ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator. Please submit the following application documents two months before your internship is due to start:

  • Letter of motivation (one to two pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of language skills
  • Proof of study achievements

Selection criteria:

  • Justification/motivation
  • Language skills relevant to the destination country
  • Quality of internship placement and internship project
  • Study achievements
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Short stays abroad

Different short stays abroad are possible:

  • Intensive language courses
  • Summer and winter schools
  • Intensive language courses

More information on short stays abroad

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