Learning and working

In the library there are different areas for learning and working. Information on equipment and use can be found below.


  • The library at the Department of Geography offers 64 spaces for working.
  • The front area of the library has two desks and a screen that can be used for group work. There are more group workstations and screens in the C-Pool foyer.
Students working in the library
© Frank Homann/ Uni Bonn
Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
© Babara Frommann/Uni Bonn


  • As the library is a reference library, only geography students and members of the department (from the University of Bonn) are permitted to borrow items.
  • Apart from water, no food or drink may be taken into the library rooms.
  • Coats and bags must be left at the entrance, for which lockers are available (keys are provided on payment of a deposit or presentation of a student ID).
  • Baskets and work documents must be presented for inspection without prompting when you leave the library.
  • Pay attention to noise levels when inside the library. Telephones must not be used. You may take part in online teaching, e.g. via Zoom, in the “whisper zone” in the basement if you keep any noise at a moderate level.

Borrowing books

  • Only geography students and members of the Department of Geography from the University of Bonn may borrow items.
  • Works may be taken from the stacks for use at your workstation and must be returned to their correct location.
  • Loan periods are extremely limited

General rules:

  • Up to three items per person
  • Monday to Thursday: from 5 pm until 10 am the next day
  • Over the weekend: from Friday from 3 pm to Monday by 10 am

The following cannot be borrowed:

  • Atlases
  • Works with yellow “B” shelfmarks (bibliographies)
  • Works with yellow “Ca-Cm” shelfmarks
  • Works from the shutter cabinet (stack room 2)
  • Special prints
  • Specially marked publications from the stack rooms

  • If you are late returning an item by less than 24 hours (i.e. on the right day but after 10 am) on three occasions, you will be banned from borrowing any more items for a month.
  • If you are late returning an item by more than 24 hours (i.e. you take it back more than a day late) on one occasion, you will be banned from borrowing any more items for a month.
  • If you are late returning an item by more than 48 hours (i.e. you take it back more than two days late) on one occasion, you will immediately be banned from borrowing any more items for three months.
© Babara Frommann/Uni Bonn

Technical equipment in the library 

The library has one A4 and one A3 scanner that can be used to scan in images, charts, tables and drawings for presentations, seminar papers or theses. Scanned content can be saved straight to a USB stick or emailed. The A3 scanner offers a faster way to scan the pages of a book or volume and display them in high resolution on your computer screen.

Please ask at the front desk if you would like to scan works that cannot be borrowed (atlases, special prints and archive collections).

The following equipment can be borrowed against presentation of a student ID by way of a deposit:

  • Extension cables
  • Pointers
  • Speakers
  • Adapters
  • Tablets
  • Headsets/microphones (for the lecture hall)
  • USB sticks
  • Remote controls for study rooms

WiFi is available throughout the library.


  • Valid Uni-ID
  • VPN client or Eduroam app

The library has a coin- and a card-operated photocopier. Cards for the card-operated copier can be obtained and topped up at the machines in University IT or the MNL Branch Library.

A total of four PCs can be used to search for books and journals or do general Internet research. You can find all the works held by the University of Bonn and more using the Bonnus search portal.

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