Cartography & Media Design

This key institution deals with presenting geographically relevant content in visual form. Its activities include creating maps, charts and illustrations for academic publications and projects as well as for the department’s website or social media channels. Digital photography supplies material for public relations work and helps to document the department’s history. Digital assets are managed in a media database to ensure that the extensive pool of data can be used efficiently.

Multiple layers of a map

Cartography and GIS

  • Map production from the editorial concept through to creating the final print file

  • Map-related visualizations

  • GIS applications

  • Geodata management

  • Providing software training

Media Design

    • Designing and creating infographics

    • Layouting for research and public relations work

    • Designing logos for projects and working groups

    • Illustrating academic and scientific content

    • Creating dynamic charts and maps

    • Introduction to designing scientific posters

    Graphic drawing of a computer on which the logo of the Department of Geography is currently being revised
    Photo camera , which is focused on the lecture hall of the Department of Geography in the monitor of the camera
    © Friederike Pauk/GIUB;

    Photography and Technology

    • Photographs and documentation on the department’s history

    • Image processing

    • Digitizing archive collections

    • Administering the media database

    • Scanning slides through to large-scale maps and plotting for all formats

    • Website editing



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