Tamara Köhler


Research Assisant in the Research Group “Geomorphology and Environmental Systems”

Research interests/regions

  • High mountain systems and periglacial geomorphology
  • Permafrost hydrology and hydrogeochemistry
  • Surface morphology, internal structure and composition of blockslopes and taluses
  • Water storage capacities and hydrological significance of blockslopes and taluses in the semi-arid to arid Andes of Argentina
  • Geophysical and hydrological applications in geomorphology


  • B2: 5-Day field trip Physical Geography
  • B2: Seminar Advanced Physical Geography 
  • B0: Introduction to Geography: 1-Day Field-Trip Physical Geography
  • B5a: Introduction to geomorphological systems and processes
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Tamara Köhler

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Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn

Office hours: by arrangement

PhD Project

PhD-Thesis: "Geomorphic characteristics and permafrost hydrology of a semi-arid High Andean catchment"

Glacierized mountain systems host major freshwater and sediment sources for proximal and distal inland lowlands, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. The mountain cryosphere buffers hydrological seasonality in low-flow months via glacier and snow melt as well as permafrost thaw, thus being of vital ecologic and anthropogenic importance. Freshwater supply from the glacierized catchments in the semi-arid to arid Andes are of uttermost importance as it is the major water source for irrigation, industry and domestic use. In my dissertation I aim at gaining an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the distribution and structure of so far overlooked blockslopes and talus slopes in the Agua Negra catchment (Province San Juan, semi-arid Andes of Argentina). Based on this knowledge and hydrogeochemical analyses of water samples from different water sources I will quantify the contribution of these widespread landforms to the runoff of the Agua Negra River. The doctoral thesis is part of the DFG-funded project "Spatial occurrence and hydrological significance of Andean permafrost, Agua Negra, Argentina (HyPerm)".

Understanding the spatial distribution of potentially ice-rich blockand talus slopes in the Agua Negra catchment, Dry Andes, Argentina

Köhler, T., Ortiz, D.A., Schoch-Baumann, A., Bell, R., Stammler, M.A., Schrott, L. and Trombotto Liaudat, D. (2023)

Conference Presentation at EGU General Assembly 2023

Andean Permafrost in Taluses and Blockslopes in the Agua Negra Catchment, Argentina - Distribution and Hydrological Significance

Stammler, M.A., Ortiz, D.A., Köhler, T. and Schrott, L. (2022)

Conference Presentation at EGU General Assembly 2022

Investigating the spatial occurrence and hydrological significance of permafrost in talus and blockslopes in the Agua Negra catchment / Argentina

Köhler, T., Stammler, M.A., Ortiz, D.A., Trombotto-Liaudat, D. and Schrott, L. (2022)

Conference Poster at XXI Congreso Geológico Argentino 2022

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