Hybrid lecture and discussion by Dr. Rainer Bell on November 09th

As part of the GIUB lecture series "Mittwochs im GIUB", Dr. Bell will give a lecture and discussion session on "Extreme topography - extreme natural hazards? Risks and Resilience in Nepal" on 09. November 2022

New Publication by Dietze et al. 2022

"A Seismic Approach to Flood Detection and Characterization in Upland Catchments" -

The benefits of seismic data for the collection of flood information by Dietze et al. 2022, published in Geophysical Research Letters.


Television Report "How to continue living with the Ahr?" - A scientific insight

In light of the anniversary of the flood disaster of the Ahr valley in July 2021, Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott explains the role of the tributaries, narrow valleys and the river delta near Sinzig during an excursion with students captured in a television report from SWR. Please find the link to the German report below.

Successful first field phase of the HyPerm project

In February & March 2022, the first field phase of our new DFG-funded project HyPerm (“Spatial occurrence and hydrological significance of Andean permafrost (Agua Negra, San Juan, Argentina)") took place. Here's a small summary of our journey to the Andes: 

Podcast with Prof. Schrott at Terra X (ZDF)

Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott on the Terra X (ZDF) podcast with Harald Lesch "Was tun, wenn die Naturkatastrophe kommt" (english: "What to do when the natural disaster comes").

New publication by Schoch-Baumann et al. 2022

New insights into postglacial outsize fan formation in the Upper Rhone valley, Switzerland by Dr. Anna Schoch-Baumann and co-authors

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