15. Juni 2023

Melanie Stammler visits Bergen via Erasmus Lecturer Mobility Melanie Stammler visits Bergen via Erasmus Lecturer Mobility

PhD student Melanie Stammler reports on a week in Bergen with the Erasmus Lecturer Mobility, where she gave a Lunch Lecture on "Andean Rock Glaciers and Swedish Aeolian Dunes" and took the opportunity to exchange with the Geomatics and Remote Sensing group, the students and the whole department.

Bergen in the sunshine
Bergen in the sunshine © Melanie Stammler/GIUB
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Bergen in the sunshine, that's not what Melanie Stammler would have imagined when she set out on her journey for her lecturer mobility. Nevertheless, after her arrival on Friday, a weekend with perfect weather conditions awaited her to explore the beautiful surroundings of Bergen. On Saturday, the Sognefjord to the north of the city was impressive, while on Sunday the Ulriken-Vidden-Fløyen hiking route offered views of the interior, the coast and the city. Recovered, Melanie Stammler set off for the Department of Earth Science on Monday. The week offered many opportunities for exchange with the Geomatics and Remote Sensing group, with students who are currently working on their theses, with students who have questions about softwares that are also used in Bonn, and with the entire department. The well-attended lunch lecture held by Melanie with subsequent discussion will remain in memory, which benefited especially from the different backgrounds of those interested (glaciology, geology, remote sensing, paleoclimatology, ...). A big thank you from Melanie goes to Ben Robson, who 'hosted' her in Bergen and gave her many insights into his research and the methodology involved. Besides the comparison of research results (the working area of the AG Schrott in Argentina is only 12km away from the Chilean research area of Ben Robson and his supervised PhD students), there was also an exchange about Python packages and the software selection for certain processing steps. It was a very beneficial exchange, a good insight into everyday university life at another European university, a very pleasant contact with the students on site, and a valuable experience for Melanie Stammler and her doctorate, with the intention of continuing to exchange ideas and stay in contact.

Ulriken-Vidden Floyen hiking route
Ulriken-Vidden Floyen hiking route © Melanie Stammler/GIUB

For more information on the trip and contact details please visit Melanie Stammlers page here: Melanie Stammler.

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