04. April 2023

Flood prediction with seismic sensors? Flood prediction with seismic sensors?

A group of researchers including Rainer Bell (GIUB) and Michael Dietze (University of Göttingen) is investigating whether seismic sensors can help to detect floods like the Ahr flood almost two years ago and warn the public in time.

Flood prediction with seismic sensors
Flood prediction with seismic sensors © WDR 2023
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The scientists envision an upcoming flood being measurable with a network of sensors. With such a system, a lot of important information could be passed on to decision-makers in real time, says Michael Dietze. But the research is still in its initial stages. For example, the data cannot yet be read out remotely, and there is a lack of money.

To change that, the researchers have written applications to get money for their research. And they are looking for employees who can evaluate the results. The goal: to equip the Ahr valley with many sensors to help warn the public in the event of an impending flood.

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You can find the entire article incl. the TV report (German only) her: https://www1.wdr.de/nachrichten/rheinland/erdbeben-flut-sensoren-100.html

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