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Measuring twice - why students repeat field measurements at the same location and timing.

Climate warming causes severe changes in high mountain environments. This is particularly evident by the rapid melting of glaciers, the formation of new proglacial lakes and the increase in rockfalls and rockslides due to slope instability. But how does global warming affect the subsurface on a local scale? And how does it affect the periglacial zone, where the perennially frozen ground, the so-called permafrost, occurs?

To find this out, geography students accompany the research group Geomorphology and Environmental Systems at the University of Bonn, headed by Prof. Lothar Schrott, to the Großglockner region. Almost every year they carry out field measurements that reveal the existence and status of alpine permafrost.

Click on the link below to find out more about our last field trip to the Glorer Hut in September 2023! :)

Programme Director Prof. Dr Lothar Schrott is a member of the BBK Scientific Advisory Board

On 26 January 2024, the new Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) gathered for its inaugural meeting - among them is also the head of the KaVoMa study programme, Prof. Dr Lothar Schrott.

RG Schrott attending the annual meeting of the DGGM

Members of the research group attended this year's annual meeting of the German Society for Geomorphology (DGGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geomorphologie), which was held in Aachen from October 4 to 6. The DGGM is a forum of mainly German geomorphologists aiming to connect the discipline on a national and international level and to support young scientists on all levels.

The postgraduate degree program "KaVoMa" at the University of Bonn is now connecting at European level!

A consortium of 7 European universities and higher education institutes received funding to promote a European network of postgraduate programs in the field of disaster risk and crisis management. 

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