Dr. Theo Aalders

Postdoc Researcher


Theo Aalders is a Postdoctoral fellow at Bonn University, Department of Geography. As part of his work for the Collaborative Research Centre “Future Rural Africa” he studies geographies of the future of unbuilt and unfinished hydropower projects in East Africa. He collaborates with artists and local communities to create collaborative comics and art works as a methodological entry point to researching futures.

Research Areas

  • Future-Making

  • Unfinished Infrastructure projects

  • Infrastructure Sabotage

  • Labour

  • Collaborative Visual Methods

  • Comics

  • East Africa

Avatar Aalders

Dr. Johannes Theodor Aalders

RG Müller-Mahn


Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176

53115 Bonn

CRC228 - Project C03: "Green Futures"

Consultation hours

By arrangement


Aalders, J. T., & Monson, K. (2022). Research With the Moving, the Vivacious Many: A Practical Poetry Of Paces In More-Than-Human Worlds. ACME, 21(2), 205–225. 

Aalders, J. T., Bachmann, J., Knutsson, P., & Musembi Kilaka, B. (2021). The Making and Unmaking of a Megaproject: Contesting Temporalities along the LAPSSET Corridor in Kenya. Antipode, 53(5), 1273–1293. Link

Aalders, J. T., Moraa, A., Oluoch-olunya, N. A., & Muli, D. (2020). Drawing together: Making Marginal Futures Visible through Collaborative Comic Creation (CCC). Geographica Helvetica, 75, 415–430. Link

Aalders, J. T. (2020a). Building on the Ruins of Empire: The Uganda Railway and the LAPSSET Corridor in Kenya. Third World Quarterly. Link

Aalders, J. T. (2020b). Ghostlines: Movements, Anticipations, and Drawings of the LAPSSET Development Corridor in Kenya [Gothenburg University]. Link

Aalders, J. T. (2018). The scale of risk: Conceptualising and analysing the politics of sacrifice scales in the case of informal settlements at urban rivers in Nairobi. Erdkunde, 72(2), 91–101. Link

Brink, E., Aalders, T., Ádám, D., Feller, R., Henselek, Y., Hoffmann, A., Ibe, K., Matthey-Doret, A., Meyer, M., Negrut, N. L., Rau, A. L., Riewerts, B., von Schuckmann, L., Törnros, S., von Wehrden, H., Abson, D. J., & Wamsler, C. (2016). Cascades of green: A review of ecosystem-based adaptation in urban areas. Global Environmental Change, 36, 111–123. Link

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