Dr. Irit Eguavoen

senior researcher

Research focus

  • Urban ethnology, development research
  • Human-Environment Relations
  • Spontaneous & Planned Urban Development in the Global South
  • Political anthropology, legal anthropology, African urbanism, urban political ecology
  • Ethnography, qualitative social research, ethnographic census, visual methods
  • West Africa (Côte d'Ivoire), South Asia
  • ocean governance, conflicting ocean uses, North Sea

Curriculum Vitae

2003 Magistra Artium Ethnology & African Studies, FU Berlin

2007 Dr. Phil Ethnology, University of Cologne

2007 till 2019 Research Associate, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn

2015- Scientific reviewer & lecturer (freelance)

2021- Research Associate, GIUB, University of Bonn

2022- Senior Researcher, German Institute of Development and Sustainability



Eguavoen, I. 2022. Land reclamation for housing - the example of Côte d’Ivoire. Rural 21 56(1): 10-12. Link

Reclamation and expulsion. Frontiers of city expansion and the loss of public and communal space at Abidjan’s lagoonal waterfronts. Urban Forum (open access). Link


Geschäfte mit illegalen Mietobjekten in Westafrika. Akute Wohnungsnot in Abidjan. Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit 12: 27-28. Link  

“We do the social.” Deal-making by non-accredited estate agencies, small-scale investors and tenants around low-cost rental housing in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Afrika Focus 34(2): 183-212.


Book Review: Paul Stacey. 2019. State of Slum: Precarity and Informal Governance at the Margins of Accra. London: Zed Books. African Studies Quarterly, 19(3-4): 72-73.

Mit P. Attemene, F. Kouame, E.G. Konan, C.A. Madhy, & K. Gleisberg-Gerber Dernier refuge ou presqu'île d'opportunités? Démographie et conditions de vie à Adjahui-Coubé, un habitat spontané à Abidjan.  ZEF Working Paper 187.


Kabran, Estelle G. (mit I. Eguavoen) Ferry transportation in Abidjan. Establishment, operation and sustainability of a paratransit system. ZEF Working Paper 179.


Tan, J. (mit I. Eguavoen) Digital environmental governance in China. Information disclosure, pollution control, and environmental activism in the Yellow River Delta. Water Alternatives, 10(3): 910-929.


Lauer, H. (mit I. Eguavoen) Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development in the Gambia: A window of opportunity for transformative processes? In: Filho Leal, W. (Hrg.) Innovation in climate change adaptation. Springer, pp. 87-98.


Eguavoen, I. (mit K. Schulz, S. de Wit, F. Weisser & D. Müller-Mahn) Political dimensions of climate change adaptation. Conceptual reflections and African examples. In: Filho Leal, W. (Hrg.) Handbook on climate change adaptation, Springer, pp. 1183-1199.


Far from basic rules. Social dynamics, legal regulations and access to household water in Northern Ghana 1965-2012. Canadian Journal of African Studies 47(3): 483-500.

Climate change and trajectories of blame in Northern Ghana. Anthropological Notebooks 19(1): 5-24.


Mit W. Tesfai Social impact and impoverishment risks in the Koga irrigation scheme, Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia. Afrika Focus 25(1): 39-60.

Mit Sisay Demeku Derib, Tilaye Teklewold Deneke, M. McCartney, B.A. Otto & S.S. Billa Digging, damming or diverting? Small-scale irrigation in the Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia. Water Alternatives 5(3): 304-325.

Further publications via Research Gate


Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the Promotion of Science, (Nov. 2020 - Oct. 2022)

Research Project: Everyday entanglements of social-economic extremes and negotiations in anticipation of development-induced displacement in Mumbai and Abidjan.

GIUB Project

German Research Foundation, own office, EG 381/1-1 (Dec. 2017 – Nov. 2019)

Research Project: Waterfront Metropolis Abidjan. Between Everyday Urbanity, Spontaneous Settlement, Urban Planning and Real Estate Development.

ZEF Projekt


WS 2020/21 MSc. Geography: political ecology in cities of the Global South. (4 SWS)


German Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology (DGSKA)

DGSKA AG Urban Ethnology

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