01. März 2023

Veröffentlichung des Educational Toolkit im Rahmen des HERA-Projekts Veröffentlichung des Educational Toolkit im Rahmen des HERA-Projekts

Der Toolkit kann auf der Projektwebseite unseres Partners in Utrecht abgerufen werden

Educational Toolkit Cover
Educational Toolkit Cover © Uni Bonn
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Check out the education toolkit we developed based on the findings of our HERA research. This teaching guide provides exercises and materials to explore how migration has shaped today’s cities. They give insights into the everyday experiences of newcomers to cities, including issues of belonging, inclusion and exclusion, as well as to histories of migration. It is aimed at secondary school students (ca. 13-16 years old) and the methods included in this guide were tried and tested in the research and adapted for use in secondary school lessons and projects.

The exercises were developed by Johanna Bastian, Pascale Felten, Lea Haack, Kathrin Hörschelmann, Elisabeth Kirndörfer and Ilse van Liempt. Special thanks also go to Irene Johannsen and Simone Fass for making the guide visually attractive and easy to navigate.

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