Research group Prof. Jessica Budds - Development Geography and Environmental Governance

Our group explores processes of socio-ecological change and how they shape the lives, livelihoods, landscapes, and identities of local people, primarily but not exclusively in the Global South.  This covers a broad range of issues including water security, adaptation to climate change, natural resource based industries, and urban environments.  We are particularly interested in understanding how socio-ecological change is shaped by political and/or economic power relations at different spatial and temporal scales, as well as how the forms that socio-ecological change takes may consolidate existing power structures and discourses.

Sechs Personen sitzen im Kreis vor einem Blatt Papier auf dem eine Glühbirne zu sehen ist. Das Bild aus der Vogelperspektive von oben aufgenommen.
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Horse-drawn carriage in flooded town in South-Asia


Big Bell in London in sunlight



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