World WaterDay 2023: BonnWaterNetwork participates in the Symposium 2023 for the Eurodelta region

The BonnWaterNetwork and the Asia-based Living Deltas Hub present their contribution to sustainable water solutions.

The Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus: how to improve governance and accountability

A joint event with GIZ and its partner the Water Integrity Network (WIN), drawing on multiple case studies.

Debate on the occasion of World Water Day 2022 on groundwater challenges

The extraction of groundwater in the MENA region is discussed.

Visit of the Delhi Water Board organized with the city of Bonn

Introduction on the current operation of Bonn water supply system and management with a visit to a Wastewater Treatment Facility

Corruption in the water sector

Corruption hampers the achievement of SDG 6 for ensuring water and sanitation for all.

Catchment to Creek: Strengthening Climate Resilience in Bonn

Presentation on a study on lessons learnt from the 2021 flooding for strengthening a climate resilient approach to water in the local urban context.

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