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Master's programs

Master of Science Geography (in German)

Four possible specializations are offered within the MSc Geography at the University of Bonn. These specializations are aligned with the main research areas of the department. All specializations are based on a strong link between theory and practice.

  • Governance and Space
  • Globalisation and Development
  • Global Change and Environmental Systems Research - Physical Geography
  • Water and Global Change - Physical Geography

The Master program can be designed individually. It is possible to either combine course specializations or to choose single courses from another specialization.

Language information

The MSc Geography program is mainly taught in German. Individual courses are offered in English. Please refer to the course information for international students.

Module overview

The following modules are required as part of the master´s degree program, regardless of the individual specialization:

  • Module 1: Current Research Topic. First semester. 10 CP
  • Module 2: Research Methods. First semester. 12 CP (course offers in English)
  • Module 3: Specialization I. First semester. 12 CP
  • Module 4: Research Project. Second semester. 18 CP (course offers in English)
  • Module 5: Field trip. Second semester. 8 CP
  • Module 6: Specialization II. Third semester. 12 CP
  • Module 7: Research Topic. Third semester. 6 CP
  • Module 8: Practical Module. Third semester. 10 CP
  • Module 9: Colloquium Master Thesis. Third or fourth semester. 2 CP
  • Module 8000: Master´s Thesis. Fourth semester. 30 CP

Curriculum and Module Guide (before winter semester 2020/21) in German
Curriculum and Module Guide (since winter semester 2020/21) in German

Information on courses offered for the MSc Geography

For further information please refer to the German website on the master´s degree program in geography.


Applications are open from June 1 to July 15. Please find information on the terms of application and required documents on our German website.

Please note: International students need to pass a German Language Proficiency Test for the Admission to Higher Education (DSH) in order to apply for this particular program.


Master of Education Geography (in German)

The Master of Education program is designed to enhance the subject specific knowledge and pedagogical knowledge of practising teachers in secondary school and vocational schools.
This program emphasizes education as an academic field of study and the importance of research in the development of teaching practice. This degree program is taught in German.


Master of Science Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security in cooperation with the United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (in English)

Master of Science Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology(in German)

Advanced Training Program Master of Disaster Management and Risk Governance in cooperation with the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (in German)


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