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Registration for Courses and Exams

Important notice

The registration for courses and examinations within the registration deadlines (see below) is required in order to complete the module in the given semester and to receive credit points.

The registration for participation in courses and examinations needs to be completed in BASIS.

  • Step 1: Register to take part in the course.
  • Step 2: Register to take the exam.

     Please find information on how to register in our BASIS introduction.   

Registering for a course does not automatically allow you to participate in examinations - you need to register for your examinations seperately. The instructors are not allowed to grade any course work of a student who is not registered for the exam.

If you fail to register for an examination in time, you will not be able to participate/your exam will not be graded.

In case of problems (e.g. technical problems within the registration deadline) with registering please inform the Examination Office immediately. Take screenshots of your registrations on BASIS in case you need to provide proof of your registrations to the Examination Office. Please read through the course and exam information on BASIS carefully to make sure you register for the right course/exam.

Deadlines for course registration

Summer semester 2022
  • First registration period: January 17 - January 19, 2022
  • Second registration period: January 24 - January 26, 2022
  • Deadline for corrections: April 4 - April 10, 2022

Deadlines for exam registration


In order to be able to register for exams every semester, you need to register with the Examination Office once at the beginning of your studies.

Winter semester 2021/22 - Registration period October 11 - 29, 2021:

Exam registration

Statutory declaration

This statutory declaration must be attached to all independently produced term papers. Any term paper submitted without the statutory declaration will not be accepted. Please keep in mind the criminal implications of submitting a false declaration.


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