Module Schedule and Handbook

The module schedule and handbook provide information on the course structure.

The programme consists of eleven modules, nine of which are taught in the first three semesters, followed by a compulsory internship and the independent work on the Master's Thesis.

Modules are credited according to ECTS and are evaluated based on the results of written examinations, essays, project reports, (simulation) exercises, presentations and active participation.

Module schedule and handbook (ER 2017)
(Start of programme as of 2016)

 Curriculum Overview_Joint_M.Sc._2017 - Stand 2017-08-22.png

Module Schedule (ER 2017)


Module Handbook (ER 2017)


Module schedule and handbook (ER 2013)
(Start of programme 2013-2015)

(Only for students studying according to the examination regulation 2013!)


Important notice: The Examination Regulations 2013 run out on 30th September 2020!

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