Finding an internship

Finding a suitable internship is not an easy task. Students accepted to the Master’s programme however can benefit from a pool of previous experiences when due to apply for their internships.

The Department of Geography offers once a year a career and internship event at the Geozentrum of the University of Bonn (Meckenheimer Allee 176) for all geography students. (Please note that the event is in German language)

Registering your internship

If you have found an internship, you need to hand in the internship agreement form to inform the programme office. Please make sure that you read the internship report outline before writing your report and use the correct cover page included in the report outline.

Submitting documents

In order to receive the 12 CP for your internship, 4 weeks after completing your assignment, you are required to hand in the following documents to the programme office:

From your employer:
From yourself:

Please send your documents to master-georisk[at]

*) For further information on the originality report please contact

Statutory Declaration:
This statutory declaration must be attached to all independently produced term paper. Any term paper submitted without this statutory declaration will not be accepted. You are hereby further reminded of the criminal implications of submitting a false declaration.

Semester ticket refund

In case you are not staying in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) during your internship, the university may refund you the semester ticket. You need to fill out this form and send it to stre[at]

Deadline for the summer semester: 10th of May
Deadline for the winter semester: 10th of November

Further information and all documents can be found here.

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