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Joint Master of Science Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security

University of Bonn
Department of Geography (GIUB)

United Nations University
Institute for Environment and Human Security (EHS)

Joint Master of Science

Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security



About the degree programme:

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security” is jointly offered by UNU-EHS and the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn as an international degree programme with a research-oriented profile. The programme is offered in english.

The two-year programme educates students in an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary manner on how to investigate and manage various resources related to environmental hazards by implementing science-based principles and methodologies to disaster risk management.

It offers an in-depth introduction to problem-oriented research methods, theories and concepts as well as real life challenges and problems that international and UN organizations are facing. The curriculum draws from research areas such as vulnerability assessment, resilience analysis, risk management and adaptation strategies within linked human–environment systems, and environmentally induced internal displacement and transboundary migration. Click here to learn more about our M.Sc programme on the website of the UNU-EHS.


Fields of study include:

  •  Geographical approaches to risk, vulnerability and resilience
  •  New approaches to development geography
  •  Earth system science
  •  Qualitative & Quantitative Methods, as well as GIS & Remote Sensing
  •  Social-ecological systems, Risk & Technology
  •  Risk management and governance, forecast & prediction
  •  Disaster management, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and humanitarian response.

Since its launch in October 2013, a total of 122 students from 34 countries have been studying within the Master programme.
More information on the programmes objectives and career opportunities you can find on the website of the UNU-EHS.

More information on the research topics of the Department of Geography you can find here.


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