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Bachelor of Science Geography

Bachelor of Science Geography

The Bachelor programme conveys theoretical, methotological and application- oriented knowledge at different scales:

  • Students gain a broad range of knowledge of the basic principles of human and physical geography.
  • The principles and basic knowledge concerning methods in the laboratory and in field-work methods are conveyed. Another focus is put upon methods in cartography, statistics, quantitative and qualitative social research, remote sensing and GIS.
  • The Bachelor Programme also focuses on the practical application of the knowledge gained during field trips, field classes and practical field investigations
  • Focus in a certain area can be achieved by choosing a continuing master programme in either a physical or human geography field.

Language information

The BSc Geography at the University of Bonn is a programme of study offered mostly in German. Some courses are offered in English language. Please refer to the course information for international students.

Study Goals

The focus of the Bachelor programme is to impart analytical and methodological approaches. These are important qualifications for work areas where specific knowledge is not conveyed during studies but during the first phases of occupation (e.g. trainee programmes).

Programme Duration and Scope

The usual duration of the programme is six semesters. The programme is comprised of courses of the major subject geography (150 credit points) and subject-linked optional modules (30 credit points). In the course of the programme, several modules, which often build upon one another, must be completed.

Module overview

  • Introduction to Geography (6 CP)
  • Physical Geography basics and advanced course (20 CP)
  • Human Geography basics and advanced course (20 CP)
  • Geomatics (10 CP)
  • Statistics (5 CP)
  • Special focus Geography (12 CP)
  • Geographical methods (12 CP)
  • Regional Geography and Planning (6 CP)
  • Projects (Physical Geography & Human Geography) (2x12 CP)
  • Field trips (9 CP)
  • Occupational field (12 CP)
  • Subject-linked optional modules (30 CP)
  • Bachelor thesis and seminar on Bachelor thesis (14 CP)


Please refer to the German website for further information on the Bachelor programme.


Information on courses offered for the BSc of Geography


Applications can only be completed online at the registrar's office of the university. The deadline for application for the winter semester is the 15th of July.

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