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Selected publications of the past 5 years (2013-2017). Comprehensive lists can be found on the respective personal websites.


Peer-reviewed Journals

Krieg, Lisa Jenny (2020) “Caring for Strangers. Alterity, Alliances, and Reptile Conservation in the ‘Gecko Garden Refuges’ in Manapany-Les-Bains, La Réunion.” Geographische Zeitschrift: 1–21. 


Krieg, L. J. (2020). “Endangered, Invasive, Pet, Commodity: Gecko Circulations and Value Transformation in the Western Indian Ocean.” Global Environment 13: 195–223.


Verne, J. (2019) the ends of the Indian Ocean: tracing coastlines in the Tanzanian „hinterland“. History in Africa 46, 359-383


Krieg, L. J. (2018). Entangling (non)human isolation and connectivity: island nature conservation on IIe aux Aigrettes, Mauritius. Island Studies Journal.


Krieg, Lisa J., Moritz Berning and Anita Hardon (2017) Anthropology with algorithms? An exploration of online drug knowledge with digital methods. Medicine Anthropology Theory 4(3).


Verne, J. (2017) The neglected gift of Ratzel: thoughts on mobilities, materialities and relational spaces, Geographica Helvetica 72, 85-92.


Schurr, C. & Verne, J. (2017) Wissenschaft und Technologie im Zentrum der Geographischen Entwicklungsforschung. Science and Technology Studies meets development geographies, Geographische Zeitschrift 105, 1-20.


Verne, J. (2016) Re-enlivening the Indian Ocean through contemporary trade: East African traders searching for new markets in Jakarta, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, online early view.


Korf, B. & Verne, J. (2016) Geographie als Geisteswissenschaft – Geographie in den Geisteswissenschaften, Geographica Helvetica 71, 365-386.


Dijkstra, L. J. and Krieg, L. J. (2016). From MDMA to Lady Gaga: Expertise and Contribution Behavior of Editing Communities on Wikipedia. Procedia Computer Science 101: 96–106.


Krieg, L. J.(2016). 'It was horrible, but we live now' - The experience of young German adults in everyday encounters with the Holocaust. In Focaal Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology (74): 97-110.


Krieg, L. J. (2015). ‘It’s a real Totschlag-Argument’ - The attribution of agency to the Holocaust among contemporary young German adults in a discourse of remembering and forgetting. In Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale 23(3): 314-329.


Krieg, L. J.(2015). „Who wants to be sad over and over again?“ – Emotion Ideologies in Contemporary German Holocaust Education. In Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society 7(2): 110-128.


Verne, J. und Doevenspeck, M. (2014) Von Pappkameraden, diffusen Bedenke und einer alten Debatte: Gedanken zur Bedeutung von regionaler Spezialisierung und Area Studies in der Geographie, in: Geographische Zeitschrift 1, 7-24. 


Academic journals and Textbooks

Ouma, Stefan, Stenmanns, Julian & Verne, Julia (2019) African Economies : Simply Connect? Problematizing the Discourse on Connectivity in Logistics and Communication. In: Graham, Mark (Hrsg.) Digital Economies at Global Margins. London: MIT Press, 341-363.


Verne, J. & Müller-Mahn, D. (2019) Geographische Entwicklungsforschung, Gebhardt. H. et al. (Hrsg.) Geographie. Physische Geographie und Humangeographie, 3. Auflage, Springer: Heidelberg, 921-950.


Verne, J. (2014) Translokalität als sedimentierte Praxis: Getrieben von der Geschichte des Indischen Ozeans, in: Geographische Rundschau 11, 24-31.


Verne, J. (2014) Neue Netze, neue Räume? Mobiltelefonie in Afrika, in: Geographische Rundschau 6, 42-47.


Verne, J. (2014): Virtual Mobilities, in: Cloke, P. et al.(Hrsg.) Introducing Human Geographies, 3rd Edition, Hodder Education: London, 821-833.


Verne, J. und Müller-Mahn, D. (2013) Entwicklung, in: Lossau, J., Freytag, T. und Lippuner, R. (Hrsg.) Schlüsselbegriffe der Kultur- und Sozialgeographie, Ulmer: Stuttgart, 94-107.



Other output


Verne, J. (im Druck) Contemporary Geographies of Zanzibari Fashion: Indian Ocean Trade Journeys in the Run-Up to Ramadhan Festivities, in: Campbell, G., Machado, P. und Fee, S. (Hrsg.) Ocean of Cloth, Palgrave Macmillan: New York.


Verne, J. (2016) The Mobile Phone – A Global Good? Modern Material Culture and Communication Technology in Africa, in: Hodos, T. (Hrsg.) Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization, Routledge: London, 157-170.


Krieg L.J., Berning, E.M., Colombo, G., Azzi, M., and Hardon, A. (2016). Visualising Erowid. A data driven anthropological research on drugs.


Krieg, L.J. (2016). On Instagram, a Journey From Bear to Bile. In Sapiens – Anthropology/Everything Human.


Verne, J. and Bramsiepe, E. (2013) Mobiltelefonie in Afrika: Revolution von Kommunikation und Bankwesen – ein Unterrichtsentwurf, in: Müller-Mahn, D. und Obermaier, G. (Hrsg.) Afrika (Bayreuther Kontaktstudium Geographie, Bd. 7), Verlag Naturwissenschaftl. Gesellschaft Bayreuth e.V., Bayreuth, 175-196.


Verne, J. and Müller-Mahn, D. (2013) “We are part of Zanzibar” – Translocal practices and imaginative geographies in contemporary Oman-Zanzibar relations, in: Wippel, S. (ed.) Regionalising Oman, Springer Science: Dordrecht, Netherlands, 75-89.


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