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Research Assistants


Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176, Raum 0.011

Michael Witte


Michael studied from 2012 to 2017 at the Philipps-University Marburg, finishing it successfully with a Bachelor of Science in Geography. Since the winter-term 2017/18 he is studying in his masters in Geography with a specialization in “Globalisation and Development” and a focus on urbanization development in the global south. Since January 2018 he is supporting the RGs of Julia Verne, Detlef Müller-Mahn and since April 2018 also the CRC228 "Future Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation".   


Robin Ehl

Robin studies Political Science and Sociology as his main subject and Geography as minor at the University of Bonn. He is part of the research group of Prof. Julia Verne since July 2018. Most of all, he supports Lisa Jenny Krieg in multiple domains among which he does transcription of interviews in French and literature research. He studied one year of Geography in France at the University of Toulouse.




Jetske Kolaczek 

Since the winter semester 2017/18, Jetske has been studying Geography at the University of Bonn. In January 2019, she joined the research group Julia Verne. She assists the group in various ways, for example by researching literature or by preparing overviews of research domains.





Hannah Pilgrim

Hannah PHannah studied from 2012-2016 Social Sciences and Economics at the University of Cologne. After completing her bachelor thesis in Economic Geography, she decided to start a Masters in Geography at the University Bonn. Since July 2019 she is supporting the RG Verne in the organisation of the New Cultural Geography-Conference ( Before that she worked in the RG Müller-Mahn and studied at the University of Bergen, Norway. In addition to her role as a student, she is supporting various civil society organizations.


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