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External Lecturers


 Hendrik Smid

Hendrik Smid serves in his personal capacity as a guest lecturer at the section for development geography. Since, WS 2016/2017 he co-facilitates the seminar on participatory project planning and evaluation as part of the research methods in human geography module. After graduating in B.A. Development Geography and M.Sc. Sustainability Science and Policy, Hendrik worked on results-based management in international cooperation among Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), bilateral and multilateral agencies. His professional experience and interest are in the field of rural development, food security, water supply and integrated water resources management as well as civil peace and volunteerism.

Joachim Schwarz 

Since 2014, Joachim develops the Civil Society Academy, an initiative of Welthungerhilfe, to strengthen the civil society in the global south. He moderates trainings and supports organisational processes for leadership, strategy, innovation, advocacy and programme planning. Prior to that, he held management positions in Africa and Asia, most recently as regional director of the South Asian Welthungerhilfe. Joachim holds a diploma in geography and has a master’s degree in development and project      planning.




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