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EPOS Programmes in Moving Pictures

Julia Verne as the head of the Joint Master Programme "Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security“ organized by the Geography Department and UNU-EHS has been granted funds to support the critical reflection and visualization of this and other Master Programmes financially supported by the EPOS program of the DAAD through a training initiative in mobile reporting.
In close collaboration with Deutsche Welle Academie, the project aims at highlighting the diversity of EPOS programmes and offering participants the possibility to present their programmes and train their visual media skills. This initiative is equally meant to bring together the students from across the EPOS programmes in Germany and to strengthen our network.


 Within this project, students from across the AGEP network will have the opportunity to:

  • discover and develop their visual media skills
  • gain experience with an alternative, creative form of mediation (also for scientific purposes)
  • see and present their own programmes from a different point of view
  • reflect on the importance of the course in the context of sustainable development, global inequality, migration etc.
  • understand sensitivities in (video) storytelling
  • meet students from other programmes and expand their network

Participants will go through three phases: the individual shooting of moments within their programmes, the training phase in Bonn, and a post-production phase. The final products will be videos representing the EPOS programmes across Germany. 

Prof. Julia VerneProfil_Astrid_Matejcek

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Petra Kohnen

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