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Julia Verne, Prof. Dr.

University professor - development geography
Postal adress: Meckenheimer Allee 166 - D-53115 Bonn
Office: Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176
Room: 0.020
Tel.: +49 (0)228 73-7013













The RG Verne is part of the scientific domain 'Development Geography':


Development Geography


Recent Events and Activities

30.06.2017 - Graduation ceremony of the International Joint Master's





Verne Abschlussfeier 

Prof. Julia Verne, head of the Joint Academic Board addresses the 26 graduates during the first graduation ceremony of the International Joint Master's (UNU/GIUB). The students who came from 12 different countries to participate in this unique course received the degree of 'Master of Science in Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security'. The local newspaper, General Anzeiger, reported on the day: link


23.5.2017 - Lecture

Julia Verne held a presentation as part of a lecture series in Marburg on "Transregional entanglements: spatial connections beyond established metageographies".

12-13.5.2017 - Workshop Erlangen

Julia Verne, Lisa Krieg and Julian Rochlitz participated in the Workshop 'Technologie, Gesellschaft und Raum im Reden über das "digitale Zeitalter"' in Erlangen.


10.5.2017 - Job opportunities? Panel Discussion

Julia Verne was part of a panel discussion on job opportunities for geography graduates at the Praktikumsbörse of GIUB. She talked about her understanding and experience in following a career in academia.

4-5.5.2017 - Conference in Frankfurt
Julia Verne presented her project on smart development at the Anthropology meets Pragmatist Philosophy: Anticipatory Knowledge, Human Rights/Security, and Practices of Inquiry conference organised by: Dr. James Thomposon (Uni Frankfurt & MPIeR) and Dr. Sabine Mannitz (HSFK)

17.10.2016 - Blog for Transregional Research (TRAFO)
 “All Things Transregional?” in Konversation mit Julia Verne

Die Interviewreihe "All Things Transregional?" der Platform für Transregionale Forschung (TRAFO) befragte Julia Verne zu ihren Erfahrungen in Transregionaler Forschung und wichtigen Zunkunftsthemen. Was ist Transregionale Forschung? Wem nützt sie? Wo liegen ihre Grenzen? Die Antworten und die Diskussion können hier gelesen werden.


13.7.2016 - Lecture

Smart development? Neue Technologien/Geographien der Entwicklung

Was ist smart development? Wie wird Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie in der Entwicklungsforschung eingesetzt? Im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "Mittwochs im GIUB" stellt die AG Verne ihren Arbeitsschwerpunkt Digitale Geographie vor und läd zur Diskussion ein.


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