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Running Projects:

  • EarthShape 4a: Modelling and budgeting sediment transport, storage and connectivity - biotic effect. Part of: EarthShape: Earth surface shaping by biota. A German-Chilean Priority Program in the Chilean Coast Range. Project start: 02/2016 (funded by DFG)

  • PermArg - Rock glacier permafrost in the Central Andes of Argentina: regional distribution – ice content – hydrological significance.  Project start: 11/2015 (funded by DFG)

  • „Atlas VR” - knowledge management for Disaster Risk Management.
    Developing an atlas of vulnerability and resilience.

Cooperation Projects:

  • SCALA - Scales and Hierarchies in Landform Classification (Prof. Dr. Thomas Blaschke, University of Salzburg)

  • CLIMSLIDE - Climate Change and Adaption of Critical Infrastructures and Lifelines for dynamic landslides (COMET - K1: Centre for Climate Change Adaption Technologies)

  • SIMA - Simulation of high velocity mass movements (COMET - K1: Centre for Climate Change Adaption Technologies)

Finished Projects:

  • - Permafrost distribution in Austria (supported by several institutions)

  • SEDAG - Sediment cascades in alpine geosystems (DFG 2000-2008)

  • RMT - The use of Radiomagnetotellurics in Geomorphology (DFG 2004-2008)

  • SourceSink - Quantifying Late and Postglacial sediment fuxes and storage in nested alpine catchments (ESF - Topo Europe Programme, funded by FWF, 2008-2011)

  • SedyMONT - Sediment budgets of glacier forefields (Pasterze & Obersulzbachkees, Hohe Tauern, Austria) (ESF - Topo Europe Programme, funded by FWF, 2008-2011)

  • PermAfrost - Permafrost-Glacier Interaction - Process Understanding of Permafrost Reformation and Degradation) (funded by Austrian Academy of Science, 2010-2012)

  • MOREXPERT - Monitoring potential hazardous rock walls and slopes in mountain regions - development of an expert system and adaptation strategies (COMET - K1: Centre for Climate Change Adaption Technologies)

  • Visualisation of landforms and geomorphic process domains using regional data sets - creating a digital geomorphological map of the European Alps (GIScinece Doctoral College - DK 1, fundet by FWF)

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