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Prof. Lothar Schrott

Head of Research GroupL


Head of Master's program

Master of Disaster Management and Risk Governance (KaVoMa)



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phone: (+49) 228/73-5394

fax: (+49) 228/73-9099

room: 153


Department of Geography

Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn



Office hours:

during semester:

Thursday 2 to 4 pm (please sign in here for a virtual office hour)

and by arrangement

during semester break:

only by arrangement

My research activities focus mainly on geomorphic processes in mountain areas (European Alps, Rocky Mountains, Andes, German upland). Current research projects are related to sediment budgets, mass movements and high mountain permafrost.

My teaching activities in Physical Geography focus specifically on theoretical and applied approaches in geomorphology, global environmental change and natural hazards. The integration of quantitative methods (lab and field) and the participation of students in research projects are of primary concern.


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