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Research Group Hörschelmann

Our research in the area of „Cultural Geography“ is concerned with the connections between space, politics, culture and society. We focus on two main themes: 1) „Entangled geographies of (in)security“ and 2) „Diversity, migration and belonging in Europe“.
Central to the first theme are the multiple dimensions of Human Security, how they intersect, how they play out across connected contexts and scales and how they are negotiated by diverse social actors. We examine particularly the multiscalar intersections of geopolitical (in)security with the social and personal (in)securities experienced and (co)produced by diverse social actors across different spheres of everyday life. The second theme concerns questions of identity, belonging and participation in migration societies. Our research here is centrally concerned with the contributions that cultural geography can make to understanding social inclusion and exclusion in Europe.


Please contact us under: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Prof. Dr. Kathrin HörschelmannHoerschelmann Foto GIUB

Head of research group

Postal address: Meckenheimer Allee 166, 53115 Bonn
Office: Meckenheimer Allee 176 - Geozentrum
room: 1.008
E-mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Tel.: +49-228-73-7896

Consultation hours for students: Tuesday 13.30-16.30

For appointments please use the following Doodle Link to choose date and time. Kindly use the zoom-link which you find in this PDF.


Live Panel Programme and Meet the Expert Sessions „Nature-Based Solutions for All“ on 24th Sept. 2020

Fokus of my contribution: “Procedural Justice and the Inclusion of Marginalised Groups”


Final conference: „Nature-Based Solutions: Unlocking Urban Potential“

“The virtual conference “Nature-Based Solutions: Unlocking Urban Potential“ will take place on 24 September 2020 and draw on four years of research and practice undertaken through the NATURVATION project to explore how the urban potential of nature-based solutions can be unlocked.” (programme).



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