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Dr. Linda Taft


Dr. Linda Taft


Research Assistant


Meckenheimer Allee 166
53115 Bonn



Office: Meckenheimer Allee 172 (3rd floor)
Phone: +49 (0)228 73-1601
E-Mail: ltaft[at] 

Consultation hour: by appointment



Curriculum Vitae 

  • seit 2015: Koordinatorin des Profilschwerpunktes Wasser des Geographischen Institutes an der Universität Bonn
  • seit 2014: Postdoc an der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Geographisches Institut, in der AG Ökohydrologie und Wasserressourcenmanagement bei Prof. Evers
  • 2009-2013 Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Earth Sciences, Doctoral thesis "Sclerochronological δ18O and δ13C patterns in shells of the aquatic gastropod Radixsp. as a new climatic and hydrologic archive for the Tibetan Plateau in sub-seasonal resolution
  • 2004-2009: RWTH Aachen, Department of Geography, Magister thesis "Rekonstruktion und Vergleich historischer und rezenter Gletscherschneegrenzen in einer ausgewählten Gebirgsregion Südosttibets. Eine Auswertung mittels GIS und Fernerkundung"


  • Shells of aquatic freshwater gastropods as archives for heavy metal contamination history of a river-coast transition zone – Proof-of-concept study in South India (DFG) 2020

  • Hydrological responses to climate variability and climate change
  • Human-water interactions
  • Asian river basins (Myanmar, India)



  • Taft, L, Wiechert U, Albrecht C, Leipe C, Tsukamato S, Wilke T, Zhan HC und F. Riedel (2019): Intra-seasonal hydrological processes on the western Tibetan Plateau: Monsoonal and convective rainfall events ~7.5 ka B.P. Quaternary International 537, 9-23, doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2020.01.027.
  • Taft, L und L.Kühle (2018): Glacier Changes between 1976 and 2015 in the Source Area of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, Myanmar, Water, 10(12), 1850; doi:10.3390/w10121850
  • García-Santos G., Brito M. M., Höllermann B., Taft L., Almoradie A. und M. Evers (2018): Methodology to explore emergent behaviours of the interactions between water resources and ecosystem under a pluralistic approach. in: Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences 379 (2018): 83 doi: 10.5194/piahs-379-83-2018
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  • Taft, L., Mischke, S., Leipe, C., Rajabov, I., Riedel, F. und U. Wiechert (2014): Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios in Radix (Gastropoda) shells indicate changes of glacial meltwater flux and temperature since 4200 cal yr BP at Lake Karakul, eastern Pamirs (Tajikistan). Journal of Palaeolimnology 52, 27-41.
  • Riedel, F., Henderson, A.C.G., Heußner, K.-U., Kaufmann, G., Kossler, A., Leipe, C., Shemang, E. und L. Taft (2013): Dynamics of a Kalahari long-lived mega-lake system: hydromorphological and limnological changes in the Makgadikgadi Basin (Botswana) during the terminal 50 ka. Hydrobiologia doi: 10.1007/s10750-013-1647-x.
  • Taft, L., Wiechert, U., Riedel, F., Weynell, M. und H.C. Zhang (2012): Sub-seasonal oxygen and carbon isotope variations in shells of modern Radix sp. (Gastropoda) from the Tibetan Plateau: potential of a new archive for palaeoclimate studies. Quaternary Science Reviews 34, 44-56.
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