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New Research Projects 2014/15

  • DFG-funded project: "Patterns in Soil - Vegetation - Atmosphere Systems - Monitoring, Modelling and Data Assimilations" (Transregio 32 Projekt) (Prof. Dr. B. Diekkrüger)
  • DFG-funded project: "Dendroecological analysis of the dynamics of Lake Mashej, Altai-Mountains, Siberia" (Prof. Dr. J. Herget)
  • BLE-funded project: "Food, Convenience and Sustainability" (FOCAS-Projekt) (Dr. J. Everts)
  • DFG-funded project: "Biogeomorphic dynamics on lateral moraines in the Turtmann glacier forefield, Switzerland" (BIMODAL) (Prof. Dr. R. Dikau)
  • DFG-funded project: "Studying changes of sea level and water storage for coastal regions in West-Africa, using satellite and terrestrial data sets" (Prof. Dr. B. Diekkrüger)
  • "Horizon 2020 Projekt: Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service (SWOS)" (Prof. Dr. G. Menz)
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