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New Research Projects 2012/13

  • BMBF-project “Bonner Betriebe lösen Verkehrsprobleme – Moderierter Kommunikations- und Motivationsprozess zur besseren Potenzialausschöpfung einer nachhaltigen Verkehrsentwicklung.“ (Prof. Dr. C.-C. Wiegandt)
  • DFG-funded project "Reconstruction of the peak runoffs of floods in historic period in the Rhine and Main Valley prior to level measurements" (Prof. Dr. J. Herget)
  • BMBF-funded project „Wetlands: the future breadbasket of East Africa? “ funded within the framework of the GlobE-project (Prof. Dr. G. Menz; Prof. Dr. B. Diekkrüger)
  • FIS II project „Remote Sensing in schools“ (extension) (Prof. Dr. G. Menz)
  • BMVBS-funded project "Realisation of the global earth monitoring system of the systems GEOSS" (Dr. Michael Nyenhuis)
  • "The Rhine as european transport axis. Markets, material and good transport in context of the Rhenish river ports of the first century AD." (Prof. Dr. J. Herget)
  • "Development of the gentrification-research in Germany between 1980-2012" (Dr. Jan Glatter)
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