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Bonn Water Lecture - Using cartograms to visualize water resources as well as climate change risks and responsibilities

Wann: 23. November 2017, 17:00-18:30 h

Wo: Center for Development Research (ZEF) - Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn.

Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Petra Döll

Cartograms are distorted thematic maps that convey information by changing the size of spatial units according to some attribute of this unit. The presentation will explore the potential of global-scale contiguous cartograms for visualizing the global water resources situation as well as climate change risks and responsibilities. The visualized data include output of the global water resources and use model WaterGAP as well as CO 2 emissions of countries. By distorting 0.5° grid cells according to the number of people that live within the cells, water resources are visually related no longer to land areas but to the (human) water users in need of water resources. Communication of climate change risks can be improved by showing hazard by color and exposure by distortion of grid cells according to population. Sets of cartograms instead of individual cartograms are most informative, e.g., visualizing the correlation between the countries’ wealth and their cumulative CO 2 emissions by distorting country polygons according to
these attributes. Viewers of such a cartogram set visually recognize the lack of global equity and that the countries’ wealth has been built on harmful emissions.

Risiken und Chancen im weltweiten Umgang mit dem Wasser

Wann: 15.11.2017 ab 18 Uhr


Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Jakob Rhyner

Link zur Veranstaltung:

Wasser ist bei uns selten ein Thema, weil es fast immer in der gewünschten Menge und in guter Qualität sprudelt. Das war nicht immer so; und es ist in vielen Regionen der Welt auch heute nicht so. - Der Vortrag beleuchtet gegenwärtige und zukünftige Risiken der Wasserversorgung aus internationaler Sicht und zeigt auf, wie die Vereinten Nationen und andere internationale Organisationen mit diesen Problemen umgehen und welche Möglichkeiten sich bieten.

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