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RG Hydrology - RG Eco-Hydrology and Water Resource Management

Department of Geography * University of Bonn * Meckenheimer Allee 166 * 53115 Bonn


Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers (RG Eco-Hydrology and Water Resource Management)

Email: mariele.evers[at]

Tel.: 0228 73-3526

Fax: 0228/73-

Office: Meckenheimer Allee 172, 3rd floor, 3.005


Prof. Dr. Bernd Diekkrüger (RG Hydrology)

Email: b.diekkrueger[at]

Tel.: 0228/732107

Fax: 0228/735393

Office: Meckenheimer Allee 172, 3rd floorock, 3.009


Dr. Linda Taft


Tel.: 0228 73-2107

Fax: 0228/735393



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